The Soured Relationship


Gaining Social Confidence

One of the reasons couples in a static relationship remain together is because one of them lacks the confidence to go out and find someone new. They see their current life as not worthy of their time, but they are afraid of ending up alone. Their friends and loved ones might try to help them by pointing out their value as a person, but it does little to keep their fears at bay. Many of these people would never dream of cheating on even a bad partner, so they are unwilling to test the waters with a date. Their need is gaining social confidence so they can begin dating again, but some of them must journey far to find it.

Looking around at happy couples could be the motivation a person needs to get out of a stagnant relationship, but they must want that type of happiness for their own before they will do anything about their situation. They might first try to reignite the passion they originally had for their partner, but it will only work if the other person is willing. If there is no spark left, they must realize it is time to move on alone.

Part of gaining confidence in dating is being a person who feels confident about their own life, so it could be a good idea to spend some time alone. Jumping right back into the dating scene could cause a person to end up in the same type of relationship, so living on their own for a while might be best. They can take a hard look at what drew them into a bad relationship, and that will help them avoid another.

Confidence is important when dating, and those who have it generally find the type of relationship they really want. Their success could mean they will become as happy as those other couples they saw together, and they could spend the rest of their lives building a future with the right person.